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To Enter this month's Oui Chef! Challenge of 'You swine!' add a linky to this post - the challenge closes at 11:59pm on Sunday 30th January 2011.

For extra bonus points towards your Oui Chef! badge this month, submit an entry by linky to any of Cheffy Daddy's recipes.

To see a list of previous Oui Chef Challenges look here.

Food. Definitely more than just an energy source. It brings back memories, it can inspire and it is who we are. No two people have exactly the same taste or relationship with food. No two babies will have been weaned identically. It also represents family life and that is, after all, what BECKICKLESIE is based on. Nothing brings the relatives closer together than a family Dinner.

We have decided to make Oui Chef! an interactive challenge. Something for everyone to have a go at! You don't even need to be a great cook, you just need to be passionate about food or love your grub.

Work your way up the Oui Chef! Kitchen by gaining points and earning 'Michelin' Stars. Taking part in Oui Chef! is also a great way to promote your blog.

For each level you will receive a personalised badge html code for your blog. When you reach 'Head Chef' status you will be awarded with a Oui Chef! prize. Gifts and points will also be awarded for entry loyalty. The points system will be included at the bottom of this page.
Every month Cheffy Daddy and Beckickles will decide on a prompt. The prompt may be a theme or it may be an ingredient. From this you must then produce a food related blog post. This can be in almost any form you like as long as it is related to food.

For example, the first theme which was released on Monday 4th October 2010 was 'Mum's Cooking'. 

You may wish to write a blog post on what you remember of your Mum's cooking when you were younger, you may have a more recent memory to share. You may want to submit a family recipe that your mother used to make. Other options could include a photograph of your mum cooking, a video, a poem about food your Mum used to make...etc. Alternatively you may wish to submit some research into the history of parenting and the changes that have occured in the way your Mum used to cook and how you cook if you're a Mum.

The possibilities are endless.

You can post your response at any time in the month, the linky will be open at all times. Entries will close on the last Sunday of every month at 11:59pm.

Everyone who submits a post will receive points towards their Oui Chef! Badge. Some entries will receive feedback from Cheffy Daddy and Beckickles. The entries will be read carefully and each month that there are more than 15 entries, Cheffy Daddy and Beckickles will pick one entry each as a favourite. This will earn the writer extra points. There is no limit to the amount of entries you can make to any challenge. Go nuts!

Good luck everyone and most of all, have fun!

Posts from Oui Chef! Launch Week (28th September - 4th October 2010)

Oui Chef! Head Chef Challenge Point System

Level 1 - Kitchen Porter
To gain this level you must submit one entry. The Kitchen Porter Badge is worth 25 points.

Level 2 - Commis Chef - 100 Points Needed

Level 3 - Chef de Partie - 250 Points Needed

Level 4 - Expediter - 500 Points Needed

Level 5 - Sous Chef - 1000 Points Needed

Level 6 - Head Chef - 2500 Points Needed

For every submission will result in a total of 25 (twenty-five) points being rewarded to the entrant.
There is no limit to the amount of submissions an individual can make. Individuals are free to enter as many times as they wish. Multiple entries will justly be rewarded 25 (twenty-five) points per entry.
If the entrant is selected as a 'favourite' post by either Beckickles or Cheffy Daddy the said individual will receive 50 (fifty) bonus points in addition to the original 25 (twenty-five) submission points, amounting to 75 (seventy-five) points.
If Beckickles and Cheffy Daddy choose the same entry as their favourite the entrant will justly receive 50 (fifty) bonus points from both Beckickles and Cheffy Daddy, totalling to 100 (one hundred) bonus points. This is in addition to the 25 submission points. This would result in the entrant receiving 125 (one hundred and twenty-five) points.
'Favourite posts' will only be selected in Months in which there have been 15 (fifteen) or more entrants. 
25 (twenty-five) bonus points are awarded for submitting posts for three consecutive months. This bonus can be obtained four times per year.
50 (fifty) points are awarded in addition to the above if the entrant has submitted for twelve consecutive months.
Gifts will be awarded at Head Chef and Sous Chef Level. The prize will be at the discretion of BECKICKLESIE.
Spot prizes and competitions will also take place at the discretion of BECKICKLESIE.
BECKICKLESIE reserves the right to award bonus points in an event which is not mentioned but the circumstance is fitting.
BECKICKLESIE reserves the right to withdraw the Oui Chef! programme at any time. 

All recipes by Cheffy Daddy are exclusively and originally written by Jack Bradley. These recipes are copyright protected please do not reproduce them without written permission. To request permission to do so, please email cheffydaddy@beckicklesie.co.uk

All badges, logos and any other content on www.beckicklesie.com is also copyright protected. Do not reproduce anything on this site without written permission. To request permission to do so, please email beckickles@beckicklesie.co.uk

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