Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentines - A cutesy personalised gift

I've been sent the cutest personalised book which is simply perfect for Valentines.

With the day of love less than a week away, you're probably thinking that it's too late to order something special, that will leave your loved one thinking that you've really put the thought in.

Don't despair! Love is...

It's Your Story, who sent me the lovely personalised Christmas book for Kidder have a gorgeous range of personalised calendars (starting any month) and 'love books' which feature the original 'Love is...' artwork of Kim Casali's. Just supply your names and a few other details such as your favourite TV programme, restaurant for example and your extra special book will be whizzed to you really, really quickly.

It's not too late - you have until 10th February to order this delight for your partner. Wonderfully unique, high quality and a great personal keepsake; it ticks all the boxes.

You can get yours here. I chose to have mine personalised with my Grandparent's names. It's their 50th Wedding Anniversary soon and that's definitely a love story worth celebrating! Do you celebrate Valentines Day? What will you be buying or doing (not too graphic please, my poor mind can't handle it!) for your other half this year?


Sponsored Post - I was sent a gorgeous, personalised Love is... book from It's Your Story. The product was fab and therefore so is my review of the product. Always blogging with integrity. 

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