Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Stick Man, oh Stick Man - Beware of the Blog!

I'm terribly excited to be sharing our new crafty with you all. It's awfully simple and more of an an adventure of imagination than a craft, but it did require some artistic skills so I'm going to call it a craft. Definitely.

I'm sure so many of you have read Stick Man by Julia Donaldson? It's one of Kidder's favourites. Along with Room on the Broom, The Gruffalo, What the Ladybird Heard and so many more of Donaldson's creations. 

So we decided to make our very own Stick Man. So easy to do, really. We went for a little walk and Kidder picked a stick of his very own. A big chunky one, with no arms or legs (none the less) but Kidder loved him anyway. When we got home we gave him a quick wipe down to make sure there were no creepy crawlies waiting to jump out at us (and a quick spray of Dettol in case a dog had got a bit too close) and then we were ready to start our masterpiece.

For some reason, I'm sure one of you brainy lot will know why, stick eyes don't stick to sticks. They just don't. To get them to stick, we used a TipEx pen to draw little circles onto the stick and then superglued the sticky eyes to the TipEx circles. Your kiddie-winks will need a hand from you for that bit. Although, I'm a dab hand myself at sticking my hand to my face when using superglue. Without the TipEx circles the eyes won't even stick with superglue. Beyond me.

From there all stick man needs is a couple of leaves in his head for hair. We used a plastic fork to make a hole in the top of our Stick Man's head, filled it with glue and then used craft leaves, popping the two stems into the hole together. We then left stick man to dry.

The next morning our Autumn looking Stick Man had come to life and Kidder loves him, simply because he found him. He's like a celebrity in our house now. 

And have you noticed that the Gruffalo's Child has her very own Stick Man. Check it out.

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