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I Got Crafty (with PlayMais) - February 2011

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It's that time again folks - you have two weeks to submit all of your crafty posts to be in with a chance of winning one of five boxes of PlayMais. And for the first time we're offering you the chance of earning extra entries; find out more below.

This month we've been testing out PlayMais. Have you heard of it? It's the new crafting-sensation made from corn meal. From a child's point of view, it's totally different - not moon sand, not playdough something new, bright and unusually textured. From an parent's point of view? Well, completely and utterly mess free. It's a delight! And it's also quite addictive. It could easily become an adult's hobby too!

PlayMais is also environmentally friendly, being 100% biodegradable. 
We love a bit of that.

In the UK PlayMais is available in four standard boxes and seven themed boxes. It's suitable from children aged 2 and upwards and it really is an activity that will grow with your child. As your child grows and their creativity develops the complexity of their PlayMais creations will too.

We were sent the 'Sea World' themed pack to test out plus a standard box of PlayMais. Here's a little snippet of how easy it was to make a 'Nemo' (Clown Fish)...

As you can see you're given just a little bit of felt which you dampen and then wring out before dabbing your little PlayMais corn pieces. Just a tiny amount of wetness makes them stick together. It's quite sturdy and definitely requires a deliberate pull or tear to break it. I also liked that a simple plastic picnic knife was provided and was enough to cut the rounded edges of our Nemo. The smaller pieces were created easily using a pair of scissors. It was easy to shape and definitely fun to make. Here is the finished product:

And that really was all the mess involved! Nothing more! Just a few shavings of corn pieces and a wet bit of felt. Amazing.

Kidder loves it. Although, he did correct me - it's definitely more of a Marlin than a Nemo. I'll have to wise up and help him make a slightly smaller one with a wonky fin next time. 

If you've got young children they can always make obscure objects with their PlayMais. It also sticks to paper for a bit of a different dimension to the usual 2D art, not to mention loads of other surfaces such as cardboard, pot and glass. As children get older they can make some of the more intricate PlayMais pieces including the Tiger, the Princess or the Tractor for example. The possibilities are endless. 

PlayMais is available from Amazon and other leading toy retailers. For more information regarding PlayMais please visit Top Banana Toys Ltd.

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Kidder and I received a complimentary standard box of PlayMais and a Sea World themed pack of PlayMais to review. This has in no way affected our review point of view.  
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