Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Gallery: Week 47 - Expressions

For this week's Gallery I've shifted through all of my photo albums. I glanced at all the cutesy snaps, the 'monkey' snaps, the 'butter wouldn't melt' snaps... and threw them to one side. I knew exactly what I was going for. 

Kidder's Sulks.

These photographs were taken on a sunny day last year. We were walking the Barnardo's Big Pirate Toddle at Gulliver's World Theme Park. Kidder, not understanding that he must toddle, threw a strop and a bit of a paddy and then sulked all the way round the course.

What I love about his sulking (and I do love it, there's something ever so slightly cute about it) is that the expression isn't only in his face, it embraces his whole body. He's slouched, allowing his clothes to drape off him, scuffling his feet, almost hunched. Little devil.


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