Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Gallery: Week 45 - 24 Hours

For zee Gallery this week, I chose Friday 4th February for my 24 hours post.

I got lucky, as we were on a mission all the way from Lancashire down to Cornwall to review the lovely Bedruthan Steps Hotel in Newquay (more of that to come) so it was quite an action packed day for the BECKICKLESIE household. So here it is, 24 hours in the life of the BECKICKLESIE Clan...

Kidder gets dressed

Sleepy and grumpy on the way to the airport following disappointment that the aeroplane
does not pick him up from the front door of our house.

Lunch at the airport - tuna butties, crispies and grapes

Flight delayed two hours - passing time with Daddy

Getting silly with Mummy

Finally! Nearly time to get on the aeroplane!

Mummy and Daddy's lovely king size bed!

Gorgeous Location

Peep-eye. The children's area of our room.

Cosy in front of the fire

The view


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