Friday, 4 February 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 6

I'm such a terrible keep fitter.

I'll be honest.

I don't feel particularly physically fit since we started, nor have I dieted for very long. You know, January was pretty traumatic. February's not looking to great. Should I just sit on my arse? Bore you with more excuses, maybe? Or perhaps it's time to stand up, pat myself down and try again. 

So here's me, telling January to swivel. Come on February, I'm ready for ya!

I have two bits of incredibly exciting news for those of you who participate in Fitness Friday. 

First off - we have a sponsor! As of next Friday, all participating members will be send a Y Plan Fitness DVD. The Lifetime Productions clan have agreed to support all of us mummies who are on a mission to get fit. I'm currently using the DVD and I'm hoping it's going to work more magic over February as I start to plunge deeper into the world of Fitness Fridays and Tuesdays (see All Baby Advice). This means there'll be a new funky badge featuring our lovely sponsor's logo - all will be with you before Week 7. 

To redeem your free Y Plan DVD simply add your Fitness Friday posts to the link up on the Monkeying Around Fitness Friday Blog any week as of Week 6. I'll then contact you and ask you for your postal address.

Secondly? I am about to start trialling the wonderful MuTu System, which has designed by a Mummy Blogger, Wendy Powell (of the MuTu blog). How fantastic, right? Wendy gave me a bit of a nudge over on BMB and I think it's definitely something so many of you will be interested in. If you'd like to start the programme at the same time as me, you can pick up Wendy's system over at the MuTu website and you can do it all at home. Perfect.

If that's not enough to give you a kick up the bum, well... you'll just have to sleep continuously and hope to loose the inches that way.


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