Friday, 25 February 2011

Fitness Friday - Mutu System Competition

Fitness Friday! Eeep! I'm writing this on a fat day (Thursday). I did attend the Nutella Breakfast event this morning but that's not why it's a fat day, more of that to come.  I didn't actually consume any Nutella (although I could quite easily eat a tub in one go), I forgot. I lost my brain somewhere. I just feel drab and bloated and rubbish, which is SUCH a shame as I've had an amazingly successful 10 days starting my new MuTu System plan. And, I would like to make an announcement.

Since starting the MuTu System I have lost... 6lbs!

I've gone from 13stone 1lbs to 12stone 9lbs. Yes! Nearly half a stone. I also have a slightly flatter stomach (if you squint and tilt your head). Now that's more than the MuTu System recommends, but you have to factor a few things into this. Are you ready?

Before starting MuTu I would happily eat a butty with a packet of crisps for my dinner. I mention that first because I almost always missed breakfast. For tea I would consume pretty much anything; pasta, chips, a lot of rice, veg, whatever and I had a MAHOOSIVE plate full. I would also snack on jammie dodgers, terry's chocolate oranges, crisps and would sometimes a couple of nights a week eat a whole tub of either Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry's. Add to that about eight cups of coffee a day.


I decided to immediately follow the MuTu plan to a T. I now eat breakfast every day. Usually a slice of wholegrain toast and an orange. Not loads, but I'm not used to eating breakfast so I am slowly getting over the 'food in a morning makes me feel sick' feeling.  I've also been eating a lot of natural fat free organic yoghurt with various fruits as a sweetener. Meats and tons of veg, tuna, jacket pots, beans, nuts, seeds have also been on my daily menu. I'd not forgotten, but hadn't been eating enough fruit recently. Pomegranates, blueberries, grapefruit... delicious. It's been so easy. Other than my craving for a take-out chinese tonight (because I was feeling crappy about myself) I've not bothered. I cured my craving by eating a grapefruit. Worked for me.

I've swapped the coffee (the gallons of it) for Green Tea. You know what? I love it!

I've also been doing light exercises. And I mean light; I've managed them after all! As well as toning my tummy muscles and pelvic floor muscles. I can feel my tummy muscles too, which is apparently a good thing - even if they're aching. Like loads.

I'm really enjoying the MuTu System. It's designed especially for Mums, who simply don't have all the time in the world, let's face it. The exercises are aimed specifically at the muscles you want to strengthen and that need repairing and strengthening after childbirth. I hope that if I continue with the same dedication that my weight loss will continue and I will finally be able to show you the 'before and after' photographs. 

But for now, I'd like to offer you an opportunity to join me on my journey...


The lovely Wendy founder of MuTu and my online personal trainer has kindly offered up two of her 12 week online programmes as a giveaway for BECKICKLESIE readers.

The MuTu System usually retails at £60, so this is a big comp! Included you will recieve a full 12 week programme in which you can lose up to 2 stone (as you can see I'm well on my way), diet guidance, a fitness programme, a 'wellness' programme (breathing and the mind) and also online personal kicks in the ass from Wendy herself. She's amazing, FYI.

You will receive the programme in a PDF manual as well as online videos and email support. 

If you can't wait until after March to get your hands on MuTu then you can purchase it online now with a 15% discount using the code FITNESSFRIDAY.

To enter:
To be in with a chance of winning one of the two packages up for grabs simply leave a comment below stating why you should win the winner of a MuTu System.

For an extra entry tweet:
I've entered to #WIN a #MuTuSystem thanks to @nomorexcuses and the @Beckicklesie Blog #diet #fitness

For two extra entries follow:

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And for a whopping five entries follow:
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The competition is open to anyone worldwide. Entries close at 23:59hrs on Thursday 31st March. Good luck to all of you!

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