Friday, 25 February 2011

Dear So and So... the getting fit edition

Dear Wendy Powell (AKA MuTu Mama)

Thanks for kicking my ass into touch and helping me make a great start on my fitness journey. For being there on twitter (@nomorexcuses) whilst I ask silly questions about random foods that are quite obviously not a bad option compared to Jammie Dodgers and Ben and Jerry's. 

Thanks also for teaching me how to breathe. I didn't know how. How did I reach my mid twenties? I obviously didn't have time to breathe due to the amount of crap I was shovelling into my mouth.

You're amazing. I love working with you and testing out your fabulous product.

Here's to another successful week,

--- oOo ---

Hey there 6lbs

I lost you! I am immense. No need to call round or let me know you are OK. You're dead to me. I don't want to see you ever again.


--- oOo ---

Why hello there, Pelvic Floor!

How nice of you to feel all smiley and alive since I've been tensing you and working you out. Cheffy Daddy can't wait to meet the new you. 

Also, if I'm making you work too hard, I do apologise. It's become slightly pleasurable in the last couple of days. 

Your partner in crime,

--- oOo ---

To my Ben and Jerry,

The one that got away.

I'm so sorry it had to end like this. I just have to sort my life out, it wouldn't be right for us to continue seeing each other like we were doing. Two, three times a week... people were starting to talk.

I'll always love you, you and your Chunky Monkey.

Maybe we will meet again in the future sometime, when the pain has eased, when my life is back on track and I don't rely on you to make me happy.

You're not good for me. 

For now, my love, this is goodbye,

--- oOo ---

Dear Cheffy Daddy

I will be hot soon. I promise. I know you love me anyway, but watch this space. Things are going to get reeeeally good.


--- oOo ---

Dear Kidder

Mummy is soon going to be able to run about, play football and not get tired. I want to make you proud.

I love you

Dear So and So...

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