Friday, 14 January 2011

Fitness Friday/Fitness Tuesday - Week 3

I'm so late posting, silly blog-internet-techie-wotsit-malarkey.

I wanted to let everyone know that I am dedicated to Fitness Friday and Fitness Tuesday but with my life being turned upside down in the last week, I've really struggled. Basically, I've eaten whatever I've found, and have not had the luxury of plugging in a PS3 to so some exercise.

I think it's so easy to forget how 'diet food' is sometimes a luxury; how expensive is fruit, really?! Kidder eats it like it's going out of fashion, and consuming berries at the rate of a bear costs.

On the upside, my fitness this week has been more than exercise. 

Until this week I'd not left the house, on my own, for almost 18 months. Because of issues I have surrounding psychosis, it has become near impossible to be out alone. Relying on other people means getting in more cars, being ferried about and not really going out unless you have 'asked' in advance. Hence, I spend most of my days inside, working, sat down. 

This week I've achieved many things; I've been to the shops, alone; I've caught the bus, alone and I've walked through a town centre, alone. Feeling pretty on edge, experiencing lots of shocking feelings and winding up absolutely worn out mentally and physically. 

But, I did it.

That can't be taken away from me now. And the next time someone asks, I did it only last week, last month, not two years ago. 

It's slightly chipped away at my general health and I feel a bit frail, weary and low but most of all I feel like I succeeded. 

So, although I've eaten potatoes, gravy and other such naughty bits - I've been out everyday. Being healthy isn't just about your weight, it's about your state of mind and I feel like I've made real progress this week. My wellbeing has been ever so slightly improved. 

So weight loss or not, I'm proud and I've had a week that despite it's definite strains and struggles (for our whole family, not just myself) I've definitely made health improvements.


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