Friday, 7 January 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 2

Oh my lordy, what a terrible week!

Where can I start?

I've had traumas with everything; arguments, upheaval and illness. I started the week off well, eating what I was meant to eat and then Monday night hit and we had a big family uproar. I was too shaken up that I spent Monday night awake and busied myself Tuesday and forgot to eat. 

I nearly fainted and then Cheffy Daddy took me to an Italian to make everything better. DESPITE being in an Italian, I opted for soup and then chicken with vegetables (which I would allow myself to have on my 'diet' anyway). But then I felt sick. 

We left the restaurant after just 50 minutes of being there, heaving all the way home and then finding comfort in a LUSH bath. 

I tried to carry on but it's simply evident that I've been eating far too much rubbish to just cut it straight out. My body was shaking, frail - my head was light and I had a huge migraine down the left hand side of my face. I felt simply shite.

Remembering that I'm on a serious concoction of medication, I decided to eat sensibly this week (no binging) but that I need potatoes and such to keep my body off the floor. Yes, yes, Earwicga is right again.

I did have a GORGEOUS good meal on Thursday night though; Chicken Breasts with chilli, ginger, coriander and lime on a bed of salad and peppers. Pretty lush. 

I'll start a fresh next week. What a let down I am. Boooo. 

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I'm not any lighter, I don't think. But I certainly can't be any heavier.

Name: Beckickles
Twitter: @beckickles
Starting Weight: 13 stone 1lbs
Target Weight:  9 stone 7lbs
Amount Lost: I haven't weighed myself this week
Amount to Lose: 3 stone 8lbs
Dress Size: 16
Target Dress Size: 12/14
Why I want to lose weight: To look and feel all lurvely again and be nice and fit to do things with Kidder.
Changes To My Fitness Plan: I've added back the taties - for fear of my life.
How I Feel This Week Went: Badly, really badly. But I'll put it behind me and move on. Onwards and Upwards.
Tips I Would Like To Share: Make sure you follow #FitnessTuesday on the All Baby Advice Blog.


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