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Friday, 31 December 2010

Fitness Friday - The Meme


Welcome, everyone! It's the very first Fitness Friday today - you can all linky up your posts here on the Monkeying Around Blog. Seeing as it's our first one, I thought we should have a little introduction and we can all link up our plans, regimes, diets and aspirations. This Fitness Friday Meme will be the first post for anyone who wants to join up - just fill it in, post it to your blog and link up to the Monkeying Around Page.

I have tagged some people below to join in, but if you fancy it - just copy and paste, you're very welcome to and anyone can join!

Name: Becca (Beckickles)
Twitter: @Beckicklesie

Starting Weight: 13 stone 1lb/83.1kg/B.M.I. 28.1/Body Fat 35.1%
Target Weight:  9 stone 7lbs
Amount Lost: N/A
Amount to Lose: 3 stone 8lbs

Dress Size: 14/16 (OK, OK, very nearly always a 16)
Target Dress Size: 12/14

My Favourite Baddies: Jammie Dodgers, B&J Ice-Cream, Terry's Choc Orange, Pringles
My Favourite Goodies: Berries, Warm Chicken Salads, Herbal Teas
Foods I'm Cutting (Cold Turkey): Chocolate, Ice-Cream, Crisps, Bread, Pasta, Biscuits
Foods I'm Adding: More Meats, Leaves and Blueberries.

Why I want to lose weight:
I want to be healthy. I want to stop finding myself binging on a huge bag of Cadbury's Giant Chocolate Buttons or a 50% extra free packet of Jammie Dodgers. I want to be able to run, far, for charity and for myself and I want to see the flabber that's found its way to my chin, back, arms, bum, thighs and stomach fly away. I want the fat gremlins to come and take it and plop it onto that girl I hated at school. OK, maybe the last bit is a bit too far.
I also want to feel good, to look sexy in what I wear and I want to be wanted. I know I am, but I want to feel it too.

My Fitness Plan:
I have bought the PS3 Active 2 with the sensors and heart rate monitor; I'll be starting that next Monday (when the rest of my 'working out gear' has arrived. I am currently topless. I also have a Wii Fit/Plus, but have heard that the Active 2 is a really intense work out, so I'll probably stick with that.
I am cutting out all sweet treats/crisps etc. and will embark on a low carb diet - cutting out bread, pasta and tons of taties. This works for me and I know my body can cope with tuna and salad leaves. If you're going carb free for the first time, speak to health people (you know the score). 
I will also be using The Y Plan Body Confidence (Body Confidence for Mums) DVD workout (as supplied for review in the New Year).
From there, when pigs fly, I intend to train for an event, hopefully.
I am weighing in later today and will be dieting/starting my exercise regime from Monday 3rd January 2011. 
I am also doing to Sunday Weigh In on Twitter using the hashtag #1BabyElephant and keeping up to speed with the #FitnessFriday hashtag and the natter on the BECKICKLESIE Forum.

Top Tips to Keep on Track with Fitness Friday:
Follow the #1BabyElephant and #FitnessFriday Twitter Hashtag/s. Follow the Monkeying Around Blog. Join the BECKICKLESIE Forum to ensure you're up to date with Fitness Friday news. Add the Fitness Friday Badge to your blog for easy access to the link up, you can get the code and instructions from the BECKICKLESIE Forum. There's also a Group on British Mummy Bloggers to join - check it out here.

I'm tagging...
I am tagging the following people to fill in this meme themself, post it to their blogs and then link up here to the Fitness Friday page.

Lesley @ClutterfairyUK - (Please join the forum to take part - no blog)

I've plugged eleven and one extra (good old Lesley from Clutter Fairy is joining in, but has no blog - she'll be a forum bird).

Please fill in the meme, pop in a link to this post and the linky up page on Monkeying Around and then add your post to the Monkeying Around linky.

Good luck everyone - may the Size 10 be with you.

All codes for the Fitness Friday Banner and the Fitness Friday Badge can be found in the BECKICKLESIE Forum
Fitness Friday is currently not sponsored. If you would like to Sponsor this programme please contact

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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Send in the Spanx!

For the past year, I've toddled along at a size 12/14, nicely. I was a comfortable 14 from July to the end of October. I don't mind being a 14; I enjoy representing the nations average - curvy, voluptuous even. Not only do I have a reasonable sized rack, I also have hips, a curved back and a waist that puts it all into proportion.

Our media has worked hard in the last few years, working hard to ensure that no one feels huge for being a 14, that it's nothing to be ashamed of, making it the slowly but surely become the Jessica Rabbit of dress sizes.

When November came I felt my inner thighs meet and the top of my arms rub slightly against my armpit. I felt my chin weigh down a little as it doubled, and my boobs get bigger, but smaller in proportion to the rest of me. I leaned up in the bath and watched as my rolls of stomach bunched together into one whale-like mass of flesh. My silver stretch marks are hidden behind newer crimson cracks of flesh. 

It's happened again. I'm making the transition.

The transition that is from the nations average, the nation's proud example of a curvy, real, weighty woman to the size 16.

It seems that the harder the country and its media works at making a size 14 acceptable, a size 16 and above becomes less so, even to the point of once you've reached a 16 and 18 and a 20 aren't nearly half as shocking. It's one hell of a slippery slope.

Size 16+ = overweight. It's true. No matter how big you boobs are and no matter where you carry it, size 16 is the representation of nothing other than a woman who's let herself go.

So, I look at myself, naked, in the mirror and cry. Looking at my hips, that once were structured by bone, rather than hidden by a bib of mummy fat; my boobs that once stood independently under boob tubes or pjs and that now need a suspension crane to keep them off the floor. Once sexy lingerie, which was merely for the purpose of decorating my exciting regions, now leaves my shoulder with red bruise-like bra strap lines and creates a huge moat-like dint in my sides and back. No matter the size, no matter the fitting; there's simply too much flab for even the best fitted piece to make a difference. 

And I don't want to look like this. I don't want to feel overweight, heavy. I don't want to struggle to get to the top of the stairs and I certainly don't want my face to resemble a beach ball. I'd prefer it if Spanx actually did create more a slim-lined shape rather than rolling up and digging in and pinging around places you didn't know existed.

What to do? It's time to be strict. And so my new years resolution is to lose weight. I'll diet, and (so my own surprise) will exercise. I've bought the new Active 2 for PS3 and I actually own trainers. Not cool ones, of course, that would be too good to be true. I also have a few iPhone Apps that I'll be sharing and exploring with you, as well as trying out the new 'Body Confidence for Mums - The Y Plan Body Confidence' DVD that I've been sent to review.

I've decided to join in with a few 'losing weight' communities - The Twitter #1BabyElephant Weigh in Club, every Sunday,  by @WhiskersCakes and also Healthier Monkeys from the Monkeying Around blog. 

Here's to hoping for a slimmer 2011. 


There's a New Years Resolution/Losing Weight thread on the BECKICKLESIE forum. Do join us!

Not a sponsored post! I have been sent a copy of 'Body Confidence for Mums - The Y Plan Body Confidence' to try out, but other than that... it's all me, baby!

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Magic! Disney Competition

What makes your Christmas?

For me, this year, it was a combination of four things - 

  1. Hearing Kidder say, 'Oooooo WOW!' with utter delight as he opened up different character PEZ dispensers (costing a mere £2 each).
  2. Opening the back of a second Toy Story gift, seeing the Woody's Round-Up packaging and assuming it was another Woody, until he pulled the pull string - "JESS, JESS, JESS, JESS! IT'S JESS!"
  3. Kidder clambering to the back of the pile and leaning against a parcel, "I am Buuuuzz Lightyear. I come in peace." and watching his little faze freeze with wonderment.
  4. And forth? Well, this...

Those are my Christmas Delights! And I loved mine so much that I want to know yours too!

What are your favourite photographs of the festive season? 
What made your Christmas magic?

The best images (x3) as voted by our independent judges (m'ma, m'fella and m'little un) will win the Disney Poster of their choice, with their winning photo/s from Snap Fish:

Those without Children can enter to win a £5.99 Notebook (;9x6.75) by simply stating 'Notebook' at the bottom of their entry.

To enter just nip to the Competitions section of the BECKICKLESIE forum and add your photo in a reply to the Christmas Delight (Disney Comp) thread. You may need to sign in. 
  • Maximum of 3 entries per person. 
  • Comp closes on 31st January 2011.
  • I know not everyone celebrates Christmas and/or they're not as snap happy as myself, so I will accept 'Winter Wonderland' themed photographs too.
  • This is not a sponsored competition.


Good luck - I hope you liked my special moments and I can't wait to hear and see yours.


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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all of my friends and readers (a bit tautological, or so it has become) an absolutely fandabidosie Christmas and a splendiferous New Year. I'm being really brave and taking a break for the festive season. 2010 has been amazing for the Beckicklesie Clan and I'm hoping 2011 will trump it, completely. 

A million of buckets of love-snogs to @Mandi112 who has been an amazing friend and a trusting shoulder - as well as @MrsTeepot, Bubbleboo (who's still very naughty) all of the BDT team (especially Le and my amazing shining star, Jack). 

Have a brilliant Christmas everyone - and I'll see you on the other side!

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hunting Gruffalo

Whilst we were on holiday, we did our very best to hunt for Gruffalo. With the sky darkening at 4:30ish, we had plenty of night-time walks around the forest reciting the Donaldson classic and spotting for clues and hunting down the homes of the animals.

There was also lots and lots of snow, so we figured that it was quite possible that we may bump into the Gruffalo's child on our walk-abouts. It was all very much an adventure - truly exciting. I don't think any of us quite realised how familiar we were with the words of the book and searching for our own clues was far more fun than looking at pictures from a book.
Our first clue was the rocks. Obviously we were waiting to meet the Gruffalo and eat roasted fox, but sadly he didn't appear. Nor did the fox. We assumed he had run away to his underground house, so off we went to hunt down his home...

"Where are you meeting him?"
"Here by these rocks and his favourite food is roasted fox!"
So off we toddled, further and further into the deep, dark woods. We found a house, an underground house. We waited and shouted for fox, but no fox came. 
"Roasted Fox! I'm off!" Fox said.
"Goodbye, little mouse," and away he sped.
Still no Gruffalo, where could he be?! So Kidder and Daddy and Mummy thought really, really hard. Maybe, just maybe, the Gruffalo had gone to see Owl. Or maybe Owl would have some clues for us? So off we went, deeper and deeper into the deep, dark wood...

An owl saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.
"Where are you going to, little brown mouse?
Come and have tea in my treetop house."
"...I'm going to have tea with a Gruffalo.
I'm meeting him here by this stream and his favourite food is Owl Ice-Cream"
Owl flew away quicker than we could say twit-twoo. He was gone. So we had to keep plodding into the deep dark wood. But then we met snake, "Come for a feast in my logpile house..."
"That's terribly kind of you, Snake, but no -
I'm having a feast with a Gruffalo."

"Where are you meeting him?"
Here by this lake, and his favourite food is scrambled snake!"

We spent a long, long time hunting Gruffalo, but we didn't quite catch him. We'll definitely be going back to the deep dark woods next year to see if we can find him or maybe even his child. Have you seen him recently? Or do you prefer the more traditional, 'Bear Hunt'. I think I might try that one in the woods at home.

What kind of free fun do you like to have with the family, over winter?
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Twist It!

What beakers and/or bottles do you use? What did your Midwife/Health Visitor advise? Did you choose to go against this, or follow instructions? Have you noticed any correlation between your child's speech development and their beaker preferences?

Ever since we scientifically discovered that Kidder's usual toddler beakers were top heavy, and often encouraged 'the tipple', we have been on the look out for a brand new style. None of which have ever met the spec or have been as good as his usual type.

When we were approached to review a Born Free product of our choice, we immediately opted for the Born Free Twist'NPop Straw Cup which is available in green, blue, pink and yellow. 

The product retails at £5.99 and is great value for money. It comes already assembled and ready for use, to use the straw a simple twist movement of the lid is needed and the straw simply pops up. 

TwistN'Pop is fab as the hygienic pop-up straw is slim (recommended for children's mouths) and it doesn't require any pushing action from the roof of the mouth to the tongue to release the fluid - these types of cups are known as teated beaker cups. The NHS recommends against these and suggests that parents' either opt for a free flow cup or a standard straw beaker; the TwistN'Pop fits this specification.

The teated advanced toddlers cups can lead to, '...delay[ed] speech development and damage[d] teeth, especially if they're drinking a sweetened drink.' (NHS, 2009) this is due to the slow movement of liquid from the container to the child's mouth. The standard straw fitted to the Born Free abolishes this issue.

My son has enjoyed being able to twist the beaker himself. It is easy to use and the colours are bright and attractive; funky looking for young toddlers. The products are marketed perfectly at parents with children of 12 months+ with a capacity of 14 oz of liquid. 

A great product which I'll be buying in the future. So pleased to have found it.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's Simple, Baby

From the moment your baby is born and for some time before birth you are solely responsible for caring for the development and maintenance of their skin. During the third trimester it is particularly crucial for your to consume lots of vitamins and minerals to aid the development of your baby's skin; this is the time when the skin 

Following birth your baby's skin may be peeling slightly, covered in white "stuff" (vernix), have little red pimples or even be wrinkly if baby is born past the expected delivery date. All of this is perfectly normal and will go in time. Don't attempt to treat any of these symptoms - you can only make them worse.

Even when your baby's skin has settled down, it is still so much thinner than adult skin. The slightest scent can irritate, not to mention highly perfumed products. Steering away from the usage of coloured or perfumed products allows your baby's skin to continue development without breaking down due to harsh chemicals.

Despite the level of study and information available on children's skin and, more generally, their health, companies are still producing and selling highly scented, coloured products to parents of young babies and children.

Simple Baby products are kind and gentle to baby's skin, with no unnecessary chemicals and no colourings. Their range is moderately extensive and we were sent a sample of each of their products for review. This included; Baby All-in-One Wash, Baby Moisturising Shampoo, Baby Moisturising Bath, Baby Moisturising Wipes and Baby Pure Talc. 

I used Simple Baby products (before they teamed up with Tatty Teddy) up until just before Kidder's second birthday. I was ALWAYS pleased with how the products cleansed his skin. I always, to this day, use Simple Baby Wipes and I can't praise them enough. Kidder has NEVER had nappy rash or a sore bottom. He also never had cradle cap until we switched from Simple to another well known baby brand. We are delighted to be reviewing the products and to be sharing our enthusiasm for how fantastic they are. 

The bottles are a decent size and I was pleased to see that they had changed the bottle design, it was (in the past) difficult to get the last bits of product out of the tube. This issue has been eliminated with the new bottle design. There is now hardly any, if at all, waste at the end of the bottle. 

The only product that I don't use from the range (or any range to be honest) is baby talc. I somehow have it engraved into my mind that you shouldn't use talc on babies bottoms and it clogs up the pours and doesn't allow the skin to breathe naturally. However, Simple do state that talc is safe to use so long as it doesn't go near the baby's mouth or nose.

Great products that are simply the best for your baby's skin. I've used them religiously in the past and was definitely impressed with the improvements that have been made more recently. I'm a big advocate for simple, using the adult products myself and I believe that my child's perfect skin is 50% ten ton of fruit in Trimester 3 and 50% Simple products. Can't fault it.

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Alert! Alert! Quick, quick, chop, chop!

It is officially Christmas in four (yes, four) days time. I don't know about you but men sure are hard to please around my neck of the woods. They're fine picking out £200 Kindles, £500 watches or £150 cookbooks but when it comes to stocking fillers and little treats I might as well ask a dodo for suggestions.

We've all (when I say 'all', I mean I have and therefore you should have too) seen the new Lynx adverts for men? They've recently swapped from the scrummy chocolate one to the 'we-decided-to-have-sex-when-we-met-in-the-milk-aisle' advert. Truly and utterly ridiculous of course, although men being men even my Dad joked, 'Do you think that would work for me?'. Take a peak:

Going off the smell of the Lynx Sensitive range we were supplied for review I'd say it might just do the trick. Obviously not with me and my Dad, that would be weird and quite frankly illegal, but it definitely smells pretty sweet. 

I would suggest Lynx as a first body spray for teenagers. It's fresh and young smelling, slightly immature for the older man, but Lynx have hit the nail on the head by marketing this product at teenagers. What's more, it's not too late to buy this as a little extra for Christmas. All Boots stores stock Lynx as a standard and gift sets can be picked up priced from around the £5 mark to no more than £12.50 for a set which includes a washbag too. Bargain. Grab it while it's hot. 

May I suggest (from reviewing) the Lynx Sensitive Anti-Perspirant and Hydrating Shower Balm set (£5.99) for older boys and the Lynx Dark Temptation Trio (£8.50) for younger boys.

Mums, buy it for your sons. Lets just hope our fifteen year olds aren't bringing home girls just yet (*crosses fingers*) but after all, that's the Lynx effect.

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Monday, 20 December 2010

Who? Me? Oh my gosh! That's amazing!

Well everyone, haven't you just all been up to mischief behind my back!

I had absolutely no idea about the Brilliance in Blogging Awards until I returned from my holidays last Sunday to find that I had been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the Fresh Voice Brilliance in Blogging 2010 award. 

I'm really, really very honoured and if you like (or love, whichever is cool with me) the blog I would be really flattered if you could take the time to give us a little vote.

As far as I'm aware the prize is a bloggy badge to display with pride and let me tell you it would be received with an enormous pile of gratitude. I'm nobody's fool, I know how great the other blogs out there are and I am so chuffed to be a part of all of this. The last six months have been simply fantastic and I've 'met' some amazing people. The BECKICKLESIE blog started off in July this year as a simple blogger template and a few words without any direction; my, how we've grown. We've seen the birth of Oui Chef!, judged for Tesco, worked hand in hand with Jamie Oliver, reviewed London Restaurants and delivered non-stop family life and parenting news, goss and articles. I feel like I've been blogging an eternity, yet I'm still so new to it all.

Susanna, Jay, Livi, Le, Emily O, Bubbleboo - you've been such a great help and support to me. Thankyou so much and here's to many more years of blogging and wonderfulness *raises champagne glass*.

Thanks to everyone, truly. And best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year. You're all fabby fantastic, each and every one of you. And to those who've voted, thankyou, it means the world to both myself and Cheffy Daddy. God bless.

Big snogs and huge hugs,
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Quite possibly the best cuddly toy ever!

The BECKICKLESIE clan love to do our bit for charity, we monthly support a children's charity and have also done some sponsored events for various causes. I have been lucky enough *touch wood* not to need any such help from charities during my lifetime and I think it's in cases such as this that it becomes too easy to forget that at some point any of us may need the support of one of these organisations. 

Luckily, generally, when we need help we can ask for it. Animals aren't that lucky. 

We were sent, to review, a truly amazing panda bear from the 'Save Our Friends' organisation, which supports Born Free, World Land Trust, Marine Conservation Society and is partnered by National Geographic Kids. 

Our new found friend, Panda Bear, is from the Rainforest friends collection, one of four ranges of animal groups from the 'Save Our Friends' products. All of the animals are really very soft to touch, and uber cuddly for bedtimes. Kidder loves Panda, and it is actually the only soft toy he will allow to stay in bed with him over night (even Sully and Mike get the boot).

I was expecting the animals to be a standard 9-12inch in size and so was excitedly shocked when a huge box was delivered to the BECKICKLESIE house for Kidder to open. Panda measures in at a a whopping 46cm (that's nearly half a metre) tall - well worth the £29.99 price tag. If you need any more justification for then spend, remember that a percentage of your spend does go towards a charity which helps an animal just like your new family member. 

I also thought the leaflets and info that came with the Panda Bear were extremely educational for children. It was great to see Kidder interested in animals that are becoming 'stinked' and we attempted a talk about charities, but that (at the moment) seemed far too abstract for him. As was the fact that they only use fair trade sources. Let's be honest, we're still getting our head around that one.

Best Buddies

Great Quality. Beautifully Presented. Fantastic Ethics.


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