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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Appeal. Please help.

BECKICKLESIE has chosen to support the Magic 105.4 FM Cash for Kids campaign this December, which helps local children who aren't set out to have the same great Christmas so many of us are expecting. 

So many charities focus on those in foreign countries who desperately need our help; we often forget about those who are a little closer to home and don't have the the same, or nearly anywhere near, the same standard of living so many of us are accustomed to.

We're all feeling the pinch and the unexpected early snowfalls mean that some children are going without a warm winter coat or a hot meal. For just a one off payment of £5 you could feed five children at one of the Action for Children Centres or provide a warm winter coat for a school child, for £10, to ensure that they are warm on their way to school. 

Other donations amounts are available and you choose exactly what you're money goes towards. If you'd like to know more just go to the Magic FM Cash For Kids Charity Website or if you'd like to donate just give the button a press below and you'll be taken to the donation choice page. I'll be feeding some very hungry tummies a hot meal this cold winter. 

If you'd rather come back at the end of the week or maybe following pay day, then there will be a badge to the left of my blog posts which you can use to donate to the campaign. Thanks everyone.


The Gallery: Week 37 - A Celebration

'A Celebration', what perfect timing. My photograph for Tara's The Gallery this week was taken on Saturday (my birthday). It's one of my most favourite, recent, photographs of Kidder. We went for a lovely Indian meal and he got a little carried away trying to catch a birthday balloon. Just look at those big beaming eyes. Heartbreaker. 



Smarts in an hourglass

Next time you come face-to-face with the ironing board tyranny that batters the egos of those with figures that owe more to an hourglass than a plank of wood, take heart. Studies have shown that curvy women are likely to be brighter than our waif-like sisters – and more likely to produce intelligent offspring.

Yes! (You have to imagine me punching the air at this point). At last, scientific proof that not only is it alright, but BETTER, to be All Woman.

Apparently, the bigger the difference between a woman’s waist and hips, the better. And, speaking as your classic English pear-shape, that’s great news.

The link between 'child-bearing' hips, thunder thighs and IQ levels might seem a little tenuous at first. However, researchers speculate that it has something to do with fatty acids found on the hips.  In this area, the fat is likely to be the much-touted Omega-3, which could improve the woman's own mental abilities as well as those of her child during pregnancy.

Behind the Seams
That could explain the classic attraction of the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe (neither of which were as dumb as they were blonde-looking) et al in days gone by, but who would never make the grade in today’s Size 0 androgyny-obsessed world of celeb-worship.

These days, even once luscious lovelies who first burst onto the world stage as juicy specimens are now submitting to the skeletal look (with the optional extra of outsized plastic boobs to meet that imagined male ideal). I just hope that the voluptuous Christina Hendricks doesn’t give in to the pressure to eliminate her big girl curves, even though she must surely be sick of being identified by her hourglass figure alone rather that her acting abilities.

The study’s findings offer a glimmer of hope to the meatier examples of womanhood bouncing (and wiggling) around the streets of the world. And perhaps it's a wake-up call to our skinny, all-too-often Botoxed counterparts?

We’ve grown up knowing that it takes much more than a pretty face to get on. After all, when you don’t fit society’s accepted physical ideal you have to rely on other weapons in your arsenal – such as your (gasp!) brain or your (double gasp!!) personality. And now, scientists tell us that on a biological level too, blokes respond to the double enticement of an intelligent partner that will produce an intelligent child. 

I know I’m tempting the disdain of the skinny mafia who will pile a ton of reasons why I should feel bad about being big. But I don’t care. I’m fitter and more active than many of my skinny friends, and I certainly eat more healthily (tucking into a bowl of bean soup as I write). I just eat enough for five….

So, hear my clarion call, sisters of the flesh. Stop sobbing in the changing rooms as you try (and fail) to squeeze your love handles into a pair of Size 10 jeans. Throw away your foundation garments. Discard those strait-jacket tights that claim to smooth your silhouette only to produce a roll of fat above the waistline (the flab has to go somewhere, you know). The day of our liberation has come!

The world is our oyster, and we have the power (just look at those thighs) AND the smarts to claim it.

Another fantastic post from the author of 'She means well, but...'; Scoot over there guys and give it a follow. It will complete your blog life. BECKICKLESIE highly recommends.

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Excuse me, but my parents are hippies

(may or may not contain " back in my day" references)

As a brainchild of the early Eighties, growing up was tough enough. I had to endure school photograph after school photograph of bad hair styles, if it was in some way endorsed by the Rod Stewart's academy da Hair, then it probably graced my yearbook.

Some great examples can still be seen today, something as simple as a drive by Westfield Mt Druitt can provide some mind blowing trips down hair cut memory lane. ( remember the all shaved except a fringe.......he he priceless)

So I grew up in the Southern Highlands of N.S.W Near Bowral, in a fairly small town, attended a fairly small school. Some most  school craze took their sweet A time to reach us. but we still thought we were pretty cool, even if we did live on the very fringe of every fad.

Photo Credit: Nijapoodles

As a member of the cabbagepatch generation, I tried my best to follow along and I raised my right hand and named him Kent Borris with the best of them. This is my solemn oath.

My attempts to not slap you, slap a slapband were however, continuously thwarted by my "plant a tree" parents, (Generation 60's member numbers 4578 and 4579.)

Living in Sydney's outer - out skirts wasn't always easy if you were a little different your house smells like Nimbin.

Sleep overs In my house, were in my back yard cubby house, Note- it was a very large cubby house, weatherproof and was powered and not called a cubby  in our house but The kids studio, get outside, be creative man.

School yard chums would arrive at my door step, Shera sleeping bag in tow, greeted by my smiling mother swishing around some often fowl smelling patchouli or some shit flavoured incense in her hemp pants, asking if they would care for a fallafel, "It's yummy, and good for you, it's a chick pea patty" like that made it sound so much more appetising.

There was no  pizza night at my house unless you consider gluten free Himalayan wheat with burghul base topped with tofu, basil, goats cheese and pine nuts a pizza. Sadly most of my friends did not.

They would clamber their way down the hall of our little back 2 front house. and into a room I shared with my sister and to my sisters disgust, my cat Snappy Tom.

Probably should have thought of a more original name considering the amount of "feel the creative flow" that existed in my family.

My parents let them run free policy often resulted in scrapes, bumps and bruises of some kind, and any ailment or boo boo sent my parents rushing out the the vegie patch with the same enthusiasm other mum's gave to the annual Myer clearance.

It would be there they would pick some dock and aniseed root,  knock up some fowl smelling poultice that they would inevitably mix with arnica, and it would "fix that right up" 

My friends mum's had their own way of fixing up scrapes, It was called a band aid.

I was the only Kid in 1R who gave a recount of their visit to the iridologist with a map of their chakra points for show and tell............. Ohhh did the kids make fun of you sweety? feeling a little unstable? might have a tantrum, " oh, here have a drum, bang on it, you'll feel better.... Yeah,.......... that beat is gas!"

Got a tooth ache?..... make an appointment with the dentist but in the mean time chew on this clove, why bombard your little kidneys with paracetamol. ......Why?  Because cloves taste like shit.

Keep rockin the free world Dad
Family outings and reciprocal sleep over trips were taken in the family'sKombi, .... and no I am not kidding. The mustard coloured love bus would faithfully, or in our case unfaithfully take us wherever we wanted to go, as long as it wasn't too far......., or up hill........, or somewhere you might have to park on an incline.... The last was eventually rectified by my clever dad who came up with the genius solution of  carrying around a several discarded house bricks and we would dutifully "chock that under one of the back tyres love, Ill get the front"

My friends Dad's had ways of rectifying their car problems too, They took it to a mechanic and got the hand brake fixed.                                                  

Now I'm not really complaining, my parents were indeed ahead of their time, And Far Out Man did they know how to throw a party. Get togethers or "churn nights" as they were known to us, were often hosted in our back to front house.

Walls were lined with canvas, paint's, ink's and charcoal filled baskets dotted the floor and everyone was encouraged to "feel the vibe" and put your mark on one.
My dad's band banged out a Hendrix classic in one corner, spare instruments were passed around the children and the Jam would begin.

Stay Chilled Out Mum
My mum spent days in the kitchen knocking up some very edible organic tasty treat straight from the garden, dressed in something contagiously colourful with a henna based hair dye in her hair, and spent uncountable hours transforming our home into the ultimate stylish party pad.
Other kids mum's had pass the parcel and lolly bags....... LAAAME!

There is simply far to much for one blog, but I'm sure this one will give you a small insight into my childhood, and is the very reason I turned out the way I did..... spectacular of course! But you really do have to excuse me, my parents were hippies.

Emma xxx

You can stick a pin in your blogger connection map by following 'Mind your Mum', guys. Emma joins us all the way from Oz; a member of Australian Mummy Bloggers, she's sure to deliver something fantastic for you to all wake up to each morning. Give her a follow and educate yourself on a completely foreign way of life.


Monday, 29 November 2010

We Got Crafty! ELC Competition

Mummy's Little Monkey asked us to get crafty and, of course, we did. Mummy's Little Monkey wants, Mummy's Little Monkey gets!

On Saturday Graceickles (the sister of Beckickles) sat down at a big plastic-sheet-covered-table to help Kidder make some Christmas cards. You know the kind, the ones that make older relatives go all soppy and puts you (the parents) in the good books for at least a month or two.

So we got out the paints and went for it.

Kidder preps the stamps...

And gets stuck in

I'd say we were at it a good hour or two and we made ten cards, a real success. It didn't cost too much either, I just bought a pack of plain cards, a few foam stamps, some paints and some sticky-back glittery stars. The best thing about helping a toddler make cards is that they can look a bit odd and it just adds to the charm. Fancy taking a peak at some of our creations?

It might be too close to Christmas for you all to start making Christmas delights now, but there's nothing better than a belated Christmas gift in January, especially if it's a good one! Let me tell you, this one is GOOD!

I'm giving one lucky winner a chance to win a huge Early Learning Centre craft hamper and two more lucky winners a smaller bundle. Perfect for children of all ages, these kits will contain all time crafty favourites; glues, stickers, paper, paint, stamps... you name it, it's in there.

PLUS - The more people enter, the more prizes go into the hamper, so get your blogging buddies to join in too!

Amount for these prizes come to mega bucks, so we wanna see some effort here! Who DESERVES to win a crafty hamper?

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the mega hamper or one of the two smaller treats then please add your crafty blog post to the linky below. It can be a photograph of a creation, a blog post, whatever you like - just tell me what you love to create. Make sure you put the following badge in your post:

The good news? If you all think this is fab and you're keen to win, we can make this a 12 weekly comp! Show us what you're made of guys!

Good luck everyone - this one closes on 31st December 2010 at 23:59hrs and winners will be announced just after the New Year.

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NCT - No.1 Source of Support and Networking for Parents

The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) is the largest and best known childbirth and parenting charity in Europe. Run by parents, for parents, the NCT is rooted in local communities across the UK, through its network of 330 local branches – run by volunteers.

10 good reasons for being a member of your local branch – mine is Chorley and Leyland!
1.      Have fun whilst supporting a worthy cause.
2.      The NCT is a unique service, which gives you the opportunity to network with other parents.
3.      Your membership will ensure that the NCT is here to support your children, when they become  parents.
4.      Your membership will help NCT campaign – which will bring about changes for ALL parents.
5.      NCT members help raise the profile of parenting.
6.      Your membership allows NCT to campaign on behalf of those who cannot do so for themselves.
7.      Membership gives you the opportunity to give something back to the NCT.
8.      Being a member of the NCT enables us to continue training new volunteers, teachers, breastfeeding    counsellors, postnatal support workers and branch volunteers.
9.      Your membership allows the NCT to act as a voice for ALL parents in the UK.
10.    Be a member to say thank you to all the volunteers who have supported you through pregnancy and the experience of becoming a parent.
Of course when you do become a member, you realise that these are the reasons you joined (and  they are very good reasons) but  that in addition, what is available to you and your family on a local level is almost impossible to access in any other way and has endless benefits to you and your family.
As a member, at branch level you become part of a network of support and friendship, regular activities and events, professional workers and advice - allowing you to enjoy parenting , share your experiences and for your children to grow and play with friends.
As a volunteer at branch level, you become part of the team that keeps the branch running, enjoying roles that use your existing skills and help to develop new ones, receiving support from all other Team Members who in their branch roles and ‘supporting teams’ help to facilitate the activities and events that are available. All volunteers receive training where it is needed at branch & regional levels.  Every event and activity and all funds raised at branch level is as result of the dedication and commitment made by volunteers.  All of the funds raised contribute to the activities and support of the NCT on a National scale and so volunteers are priceless and very much appreciated locally and by the NCT as a whole.
At Chorley and Leyland Branch, we have a Branch Team that includes:
·         Branch Co-ordinator (previously known as Chair)
·         Treasurer
·         Membership Co-ordinator
·         Parent Support Co-ordinator (includes organising Stay & Play Sessions – previously known as Coffee Mornings)
·         Mums to Be Evenings co-ordinator
·         Bumps & Babes sessions co-ordinator
·         Branch Secretary
·         Newsletter Editor (of our Award Winning Newsletter)
·         Publicity Officer
·         Branch Web Master
·         Nearly New Sales Co-ordinator
·         Nearly New Sales Team (Sellers; Advertisers; Volunteers)
·         Maternity Services Liaison
·         Agent for Bras
·         Agent for Breast Pumps
·         Agent for Valley Cushions
These roles are all voluntary positions and available to all members should they wish to contribute their time to the NCT. There is no fixed timescale to how long the role is to be held as we appreciate circumstances change and that family comes first.  Some roles are shared and ALL roles are supported by the Branch Team (previously known as Branch Committee).
Some of the regular activities that we hold at Chorley & Leyland are:
·         Mums to Be Evenings – for parents to be to get to know each other.
·         Bumps & Babes sessions – held fortnightly for parents to be and babes not yet mobile.
·         Stay & Play sessions – (for everyone) held weekly for parents to meet up, share experiences, receive support and especially to have a cuppa and nice biscuits, while the children play in a toddler/baby safe environment and have fun making new friends.

These sessions are held at other parents' houses, so are informal and cosy. Sometimes we meet up in play centres where the children run around and have fun and parents still get their cuppa and nice biscuits.

           Some of the events in our social calendar are:

·         Quiz Night and Hotpot Supper
·         Easter Fun Day
·         Nearly New Sale (May)
·         Cheeky Monkeys Party (June)
·         Halloween Fun Day
·         Nearly New Sale (November)
·         Members Christmas Party/Meal
·         Children’s Christmas Party
In addition we have:·       
·         Girls Nights Out
·         Parents Nights Out
·         Organised Walks          
·         Pamper Evenings

Since we have the opportunity to spend time with each other as families and as groups, we inevitably and naturally build friendships that are solid, supportive, based on trust and bring us back together even when we have been busy for a while with family commitments. Being a part of a local branch allows for networking that is flexible and there for you when you and your family need it most.
As a member of Chorley & Leyland Branch I have been involved with the Branch Team for most of my youngest child’s life (K’Boo). The NCT has been a lifeline for me and I have made some fabulous friends that I would love to keep in touch with even after K’Boo has started school. She is almost 4 years old and I hope to help contribute to organising activities that enable parents to keep in touch as their families develop and grow (organising more weekend events). My eldest daughter (H’Boo) is 11 years now and has enjoyed helping out in school holidays and at Nearly New Sales. She recognises my friends from the NCT as true and loyal friends and the NCT has been an important source of support for her also.  Even at her age (a well-established In Betweener) she loves to come to the Easter and Christmas Parties and is happy to help out and join in with the children’s activities (particularly craft and dancing).
Some of the roles I have held as a Branch Team Member are:
·         Membership Co-ordinator
·         Nearly New Sales Team (Volunteers Co-ordinator)
·         General Team Member – helping organise, promote & run events
I have also been noted for my ‘bare faced cheek’ (by none other than @kateab) for my methods of acquiring goodies and prizes that help us raise funds (hey, you don’t ask – you don’t get). These include:
@kateab herself has been and still is a valuable part of the Branch Team and has held roles such as Treasurer (which she still supports) and Regional Co-ordinator. As her children are a little older now she is not able to offer the huge amounts of support and guidance she has contributed to the branch over the years. But I do know that she is missed and is still regarded invaluable to the running of the branch and we would love her to be around (even if her team keeps winning the Annual Quiz Night every year :o)
The Children’s Christmas Party this year is at St Bedes Social Club, Clayton le Woods, Chorley on 12thDecember.  Father Christmas is attending and will be giving out fabulous presents to all of the children (age appropriate and approved).  There will be a party buffet, cakes and refreshments and fun and games for the children (and adults). Tickets are £5 per child and free to accompanying adults (there is tea and coffee for sale and a bar).  If you would like a ticket, please contact @kateab or myself. All families welcome.
Our Christmas Party/Meal for adults is at Dante’s on 16th December, where as many of us that can make it get together for a ‘well earned’ night out and the odd glass of vino (has to be 3, 5, 7 or 9 glasses to be odd), garlic bread served as standard, rather tasty Italian waiters and a bit of a boogie on the dance floor (which is easier after a few glasses).  If you want to join us (honest we’d love you to) drop us a line.
To find out more about Chorley & Leyland Branch email: | To find out more about the NCT and events near you log on here | Time Out for Mums Blog: | HonieMummy Blog:

Lynne not only writes informative pieces for the NCT, she also blogs at House of Lynne. Shoot over and give her a peek. She's still all shiny and new, so take a look around and give her a follow. A really knowledgeable lady who's definitely going to keep you in 'the know'.

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