Saturday, 18 December 2010


Thanks to everyone who's been entering all of the BECKICKLESIE competitions. You many have noticed that there has been a lack of these as of late; the next group of competitions will be launched just after Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now though, there's still plenty of time to attach your crafty posts here and your foody ones here. Fab prizes to be won for both of these.

So, the winners...

The winner of the lovely Kids IQ Santa Book is Judith Lightfoot. I'll be passing on your details to the company today. If you could please email me with your address that would be fab. Congrats!

The Bin Buddies were uber popular, nearly 100 entries. The lucky winner, who will have sweet smelling bins from this day forward is Kathy Cakebread. Well done Kathy! Please email me with your address and postcode asap.

My favourite competition was the 'Stand by your Man' comp that run alongside Livi's guest post. I loved reading what you all came up with. For this comp I picked my favourite answer, the most deserving answer and then two others at random. The question was: 'What does your partner/the opposite sex do that really ticks you off?' - four winners, tons of amazing answers. 

Most deserving winner - Elisabethaldred who's partner doesn't even find the time to buy her a Christmas gift, yet spends a ton of time on his games console. Men!

Randomite Number 1 - Nicola NicsNotebook

Randomite Number 2 - Deb Maddock CreateaWellnessHome

My favourite entry is Julie Pannell's answer of, 'My husband just sitting in the same room as me irritates the hell out of me!' - I know EXACTLY where you're coming from lady, *high five*.

Last but not least, the winner of the signed copy of Becky Goddard's book, How to afford time off with your baby, is RebaMc of Two Become Four. Congrats lovely!

I loved the pearl of wisdom from Lynne too;
 "It was worth going into the red to get an extra 6 months off. It will take time to be back in the black, but I'll replace the money - I can't replace the lost time I did not take with him and don't want to regret it later" 

Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should have a copy too? Please could you both email me with your full name, address and postcode.

Congrats to each of you! Please send me your full name, address and postcode. Keep your eyes peeled for more goodies coming soon and don't forget to enter the comps mentioned at the start of this post.

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