Monday, 20 December 2010

Who? Me? Oh my gosh! That's amazing!

Well everyone, haven't you just all been up to mischief behind my back!

I had absolutely no idea about the Brilliance in Blogging Awards until I returned from my holidays last Sunday to find that I had been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the Fresh Voice Brilliance in Blogging 2010 award. 

I'm really, really very honoured and if you like (or love, whichever is cool with me) the blog I would be really flattered if you could take the time to give us a little vote.

As far as I'm aware the prize is a bloggy badge to display with pride and let me tell you it would be received with an enormous pile of gratitude. I'm nobody's fool, I know how great the other blogs out there are and I am so chuffed to be a part of all of this. The last six months have been simply fantastic and I've 'met' some amazing people. The BECKICKLESIE blog started off in July this year as a simple blogger template and a few words without any direction; my, how we've grown. We've seen the birth of Oui Chef!, judged for Tesco, worked hand in hand with Jamie Oliver, reviewed London Restaurants and delivered non-stop family life and parenting news, goss and articles. I feel like I've been blogging an eternity, yet I'm still so new to it all.

Susanna, Jay, Livi, Le, Emily O, Bubbleboo - you've been such a great help and support to me. Thankyou so much and here's to many more years of blogging and wonderfulness *raises champagne glass*.

Thanks to everyone, truly. And best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year. You're all fabby fantastic, each and every one of you. And to those who've voted, thankyou, it means the world to both myself and Cheffy Daddy. God bless.

Big snogs and huge hugs,
BECKICKLESIE has been nominated.
If you love us, we'd love your vote!
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