Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Twist It!

What beakers and/or bottles do you use? What did your Midwife/Health Visitor advise? Did you choose to go against this, or follow instructions? Have you noticed any correlation between your child's speech development and their beaker preferences?

Ever since we scientifically discovered that Kidder's usual toddler beakers were top heavy, and often encouraged 'the tipple', we have been on the look out for a brand new style. None of which have ever met the spec or have been as good as his usual type.

When we were approached to review a Born Free product of our choice, we immediately opted for the Born Free Twist'NPop Straw Cup which is available in green, blue, pink and yellow. 

The product retails at £5.99 and is great value for money. It comes already assembled and ready for use, to use the straw a simple twist movement of the lid is needed and the straw simply pops up. 

TwistN'Pop is fab as the hygienic pop-up straw is slim (recommended for children's mouths) and it doesn't require any pushing action from the roof of the mouth to the tongue to release the fluid - these types of cups are known as teated beaker cups. The NHS recommends against these and suggests that parents' either opt for a free flow cup or a standard straw beaker; the TwistN'Pop fits this specification.

The teated advanced toddlers cups can lead to, '...delay[ed] speech development and damage[d] teeth, especially if they're drinking a sweetened drink.' (NHS, 2009) this is due to the slow movement of liquid from the container to the child's mouth. The standard straw fitted to the Born Free abolishes this issue.

My son has enjoyed being able to twist the beaker himself. It is easy to use and the colours are bright and attractive; funky looking for young toddlers. The products are marketed perfectly at parents with children of 12 months+ with a capacity of 14 oz of liquid. 

A great product which I'll be buying in the future. So pleased to have found it.

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