Monday, 20 December 2010

Quite possibly the best cuddly toy ever!

The BECKICKLESIE clan love to do our bit for charity, we monthly support a children's charity and have also done some sponsored events for various causes. I have been lucky enough *touch wood* not to need any such help from charities during my lifetime and I think it's in cases such as this that it becomes too easy to forget that at some point any of us may need the support of one of these organisations. 

Luckily, generally, when we need help we can ask for it. Animals aren't that lucky. 

We were sent, to review, a truly amazing panda bear from the 'Save Our Friends' organisation, which supports Born Free, World Land Trust, Marine Conservation Society and is partnered by National Geographic Kids. 

Our new found friend, Panda Bear, is from the Rainforest friends collection, one of four ranges of animal groups from the 'Save Our Friends' products. All of the animals are really very soft to touch, and uber cuddly for bedtimes. Kidder loves Panda, and it is actually the only soft toy he will allow to stay in bed with him over night (even Sully and Mike get the boot).

I was expecting the animals to be a standard 9-12inch in size and so was excitedly shocked when a huge box was delivered to the BECKICKLESIE house for Kidder to open. Panda measures in at a a whopping 46cm (that's nearly half a metre) tall - well worth the £29.99 price tag. If you need any more justification for then spend, remember that a percentage of your spend does go towards a charity which helps an animal just like your new family member. 

I also thought the leaflets and info that came with the Panda Bear were extremely educational for children. It was great to see Kidder interested in animals that are becoming 'stinked' and we attempted a talk about charities, but that (at the moment) seemed far too abstract for him. As was the fact that they only use fair trade sources. Let's be honest, we're still getting our head around that one.

Best Buddies

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