Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oui Chef! Table 3 - Cinnamon and Wine

Thanks for your entries and your votes. You've picked cinnamon and red wine as the theme for our December Oui Chef! Now, you can tackle these individually, together or both. There's one obvious choice here that springs to mind.

Just a few points

  • You can link old posts, just do a little edit and add the Oui Chef! code to the bottom of your post. I noticed last month so, so many of your had written about chocolate/recipes in the past that you could have linkied up. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get even more points. I'm generous like that.
  • Please can all ladies and gents add either their unique Oui Chef! badge or the general badge code to the bottom of your posts. You can get it (if you haven't got it already) by contacting me here.

If you're not sure on how Oui Chef! works, you can check out all the blurb on the Oui Chef! general info page.

Prizes this month are going to be a little bit great, don't you think?

Just add you cooking post below - this one closes (as always) on the last Sunday of the month, which will be Boxing Day! (26th December 2010).

We can't wait to try out your ideas, read your wine reviews and get a bit tipsy on the way. Good luck everyone.


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