Thursday, 2 December 2010

Oui Chef! The Results

I was certainly licking my laptop at a few of your recipes this month. And a few of you had a couple of extra cheeky posts that I didn't know about, hid away - remember to link directly. Although, I do like that you all play hard to get.

Judging, for me, was hard this month. You all talked about chocolate and gave pretty darn good recipes and so I was tempted to give you all lots of love, points and prizes. But without further ado, here we are, the Oui Chef! Table 2 - Chocolate points and prizes low-down.

What we loved - Bonus Points

Hannah at Metal Mummy's description of her dish, 'scrum-diddly-umptious'. Check it out in the comments section here. For this, we award you 10 Bonus Oui Chef! points.

Mandi over at 'She means well, but...' wrote a fantastically informative piece on the old cocoa and so has landed herself 10 extra Oui Chef! points, a linky in the 'My favourite posts' section of the BECKICKLESIE blog AND a guest spot on Brew Drinking Thinkings when it launches. You go gal!

Next up is Livi from Livi's Little Bubble for adding something just a little bit, well, original to the Oui Chef! challenge. 10 points lady!

And fiiinally for the bonus points this month, 10 extra Oui Chef! pointage-points are being awarded to Lizzy from The Yummy Mummy Quest for writing the single most erotic, orgasmic sentence in chocolate history;
'Slowly, I'll taste it, chunk by delicious chunk, with as much restrain in between each that I can restrain myself by...'
Wow. Deep breathes. You can read the rest of the post here.

The Chocolate Champions - Winner Points

Please see the bottom of this post for details of how to claim your prizes

Click the image to enlarge
The Beckickles Winner this month is Rhian for her Bread and Butter Pudding Post. I loved how it was a fancy take on a traditional classic. Not only that but Rhian took a reliable, standard recipe and then threw some excitement into the mix to make the dish her own. Rhian offered two recipes; an original vanilla and nutmeg Bread and Butter Pudding and a Baileys Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding. Put your tongue back in ladies. Well done Rhian, that'll be an extra 50 points this month.

The Cheffy Daddy Winner this month is Hannah from Metal Mummy. Cheffy Daddy thought that Hannah's Chocolate Panna Cotta looked really tasty and was presented really nicely on the plate. He was really impressed with the standard of the post and the effort that must have gone into producing the dessert.

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Well done all, please enter your details here to be given your personal Oui Chef! badge for your blog. They're all ready to go so I'll look forward to hearing from you. If you are a winner, we'll need your address and contact number too.

The next challenge will be announced at 09:30hrs today I overslept - it will be with you shortly. Oops.

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