Tuesday, 21 December 2010

It's Simple, Baby

From the moment your baby is born and for some time before birth you are solely responsible for caring for the development and maintenance of their skin. During the third trimester it is particularly crucial for your to consume lots of vitamins and minerals to aid the development of your baby's skin; this is the time when the skin 

Following birth your baby's skin may be peeling slightly, covered in white "stuff" (vernix), have little red pimples or even be wrinkly if baby is born past the expected delivery date. All of this is perfectly normal and will go in time. Don't attempt to treat any of these symptoms - you can only make them worse.

Even when your baby's skin has settled down, it is still so much thinner than adult skin. The slightest scent can irritate, not to mention highly perfumed products. Steering away from the usage of coloured or perfumed products allows your baby's skin to continue development without breaking down due to harsh chemicals.

Despite the level of study and information available on children's skin and, more generally, their health, companies are still producing and selling highly scented, coloured products to parents of young babies and children.

Simple Baby products are kind and gentle to baby's skin, with no unnecessary chemicals and no colourings. Their range is moderately extensive and we were sent a sample of each of their products for review. This included; Baby All-in-One Wash, Baby Moisturising Shampoo, Baby Moisturising Bath, Baby Moisturising Wipes and Baby Pure Talc. 

I used Simple Baby products (before they teamed up with Tatty Teddy) up until just before Kidder's second birthday. I was ALWAYS pleased with how the products cleansed his skin. I always, to this day, use Simple Baby Wipes and I can't praise them enough. Kidder has NEVER had nappy rash or a sore bottom. He also never had cradle cap until we switched from Simple to another well known baby brand. We are delighted to be reviewing the products and to be sharing our enthusiasm for how fantastic they are. 

The bottles are a decent size and I was pleased to see that they had changed the bottle design, it was (in the past) difficult to get the last bits of product out of the tube. This issue has been eliminated with the new bottle design. There is now hardly any, if at all, waste at the end of the bottle. 

The only product that I don't use from the range (or any range to be honest) is baby talc. I somehow have it engraved into my mind that you shouldn't use talc on babies bottoms and it clogs up the pours and doesn't allow the skin to breathe naturally. However, Simple do state that talc is safe to use so long as it doesn't go near the baby's mouth or nose.

Great products that are simply the best for your baby's skin. I've used them religiously in the past and was definitely impressed with the improvements that have been made more recently. I'm a big advocate for simple, using the adult products myself and I believe that my child's perfect skin is 50% ten ton of fruit in Trimester 3 and 50% Simple products. Can't fault it.

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