Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Gallery: Week 39 - Sparkle and a bit of Savvy

This week's Gallery theme screamed something totally different to me than it probably did to everyone else. Some of you may know that *Sparkle* is my MSN username. I've never really divulged why and it's something I've moved on from, but will always hold close to my heart.

In the days when my days were nights and my morning's started at 1pm in the afternoon, I was a wild child and a bit of a party girl. Seventeen really quite suited me; I had a lot of those friends that you soon learn aren't really friends and I fit into clothes that I could probably only fit my thumb into now. 

2005 was a bad year for me. I lost a close relative and hit the bottle. Nicely disguised by my teenie-bopper era, I could probably honestly say that I got away with it without anyone really noticing.

Anyone, but Savvy.

Has anyone read The Game by Neil Strauss? Do. It's a fun read, and no doubt you lot will all have something to say about it. Read it as a novel, and not as a handbook - it's very cheesy in parts. A good crappy read.

I was first introduced to the world of Pick Up Artists (PUA) buy Savvy in 2005. A phenomenon in America (mainly LA) it's very quickly making its way worldwide. An underground team of individuals who want nothing more but to better themselves, reach their full potential and learn confidence. Putting themselves out there and taking risks and hits that can only make them stronger. Learning the rules to master 'the game'.

Ultimately they learn the tricks of the trade, the craft of how to seduce women. No matter how short, frumpy, fat, balding the men are - every feature is a redeeming quality if they make it one. 

Neil Strauss was a real PUA who tells his tale in The Game. So was Savvy and I was his best friend. I wanted to help his confidence grow and help him find the right one, and so I became Sparkle. 

Savvy found the girl and quit The Game. 

The word represents a really tough time with the best friend I've ever had. The only person who's ever understood me and cared enough to see past the happy-dancing young blonde exterior and find the broken me inside.

To this day I remain *Sparkle* and I have the word 'Savvy' surrounded with sparkles tattooed onto my back.

My Sparkle Days
Love you Savvy,

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