Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Feed my soul

It's empty. My soul is empty. It is crying out to be fed, to hear beautiful music, to see incredible art, to watch beautiful ballets. It's just so empty.

I need the music to dance round my head, and for just a few moments to think a little clearer, totally focussed on those notes, absorbing it, letting it wrap itself round me and hold me for a few precious moments. Just me and the music, in our own little corner of the world, at one with each other. At peace.

I need to look at a truly stunning piece of art and disappear into it. I need to be sucked  in by the colours and lines and intricate details in it. I need to slip inside it like Mary Poppins and find my way around it from the inside. I need to see it from every possible angle, absorb every inch of it and hold it in my soul forever.

I need to see a ballet. I need to watch those amazing dancers form incredible shapes and tell a magical story before my eyes. I need to see them leap and fly, so strong yet so delicate and so achingly beautiful. I need them to show me that it is just as possible for my soul to fly as freely as they do, that it is safe for me to let it go, just sometimes, because although it is just as fragile as those dancers I need to believe that it is as strong too.

I need to feel. Really feel. I need that deep connection with someone. I need them to hold me and to know that in that moment it is just us, to feel that bond between us pulling at my soul. I need to feel like I'm part of someone, I need it so much I ache for it. My soul is crying out to connect to another human being; to feel their pulse, to mirror their breathing and to truly connect to them. I need to be absorbed into their being and feel at one with them, like there is nothing else in the world but that intense love and warmth and contentment. 

I need to not be alone.

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