Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Time is Coffee Time

Ho, Ho, Ho. Yes, Christmas is coming and the Goose is, most definitely, getting fat. Christmas lights are springing up in house, shop and office windows across the country and people are talking about putting up their trees and decorations, getting last minute presents and fitting in a trip to M&S for those mini party snack things that look like real food, only smaller. Oh. Glad tidings of great Joy : P

While you might absolutely love the festive season and be as excited as your kids about the impending event, there is no denying that it can be incredibly stressful. The Season of Goodwill it may be, but sometimes you just want to scream very loudly and tell everyone to **** off! So what happens when it all gets too much? Well the cooking Sherry is an option, obviously :P So is a handful of Valium and lie down in a darkened room but, the problem is, none of these really give you a little relaxation, pick me up or bit of pleasure and let you carry on as normal. So what to do?

Simple. Put the kettle on.

If you just need a break from all the nonsense then try a cup of coffee, preferably with friends or on your own with your feet up and a trashy magazine. There are loads of excellent quality traditional and flavoured instant and ground coffees available to buy and they mean you can have a coffee shop style cup at home, for a fraction of the price. The most popular High Street brands offer good quality Colombian instants which have a full flavour and strong aroma, perfect for an Americano or Latte style coffee. Nescafe Cap Colombie and Kenco’s Pure Colombian are two most readily found…..Percol and Fairtrade offer the more ethical versions. Littles of Devon offer excellent quality flavoured instant coffees, perfect for strong black, long milky or even iced coffees. With flavours such as Hazelnut, Rum,Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate its easy to capture the ‘Costa’ feeling in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to make more of your coffee break then dig out the Cafetiere or filter coffee machine and treat yourself to a cup of ground coffee. There are numerous brands of Kenyan, Colombian, Peruvian and Sumatran coffee all of which have rich and strong coffee flavours and aromas but that won’t break the bank. The same goes for the flavoured grounds….there are literally hundreds of flavours available and they can make any coffee break feel like an occasion. Try a cinnamon flavoured latte with your stollen for a really festive treat! By the same token, an Amaretto, Irish Cream, Rum or Cognac flavoured ground would be perfect at the end of a busy day in the run up to Christmas!

It is possible to buy ‘Christmas’ flavoured coffees……but in my experience they tend to be a bit below par. They are quite often a ‘novelty’ flavour and not usually the best a brand has to offer. If you want a coffee with a Christmas feel look for a Cinnamon, Walnut, Chocolate Orange or Mixed Nut flavour or stick to the Liqueur flavoured ground and instant coffees that are available. You’re less likely to be disappointed!

However you drink your coffee and whatever your flavour preference, make sure that you take regular breaks on the run up to Christmas. And even if you aren’t stressed….its a great excuse to treat yourself!! 

Kathryn isn't just a fantastic writer of the Coffee to a Tea Blog (The Daily Grind), she is the mumtreupreneur behind the Coffee to a Tea business. Selling select teas and coffees, Kathryn hand picks the best for the brew so we don't have to. She's just as passionate about creating a good cuppa as I am about drinking them. We make an excellent pairing. Check her shop and her blog out. Maybe you'll see more of her soon on Brew Drinking Thinkings? Who knows! I have a feeling she's make my ideal partner in crime.


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