Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas stress & how to beat it

This time of year is really stressful, you start to notice how much money you have, or don't for that matter. We run around, frantically, preparing for Christmas buying turkeys and presents - trying to please the world and his cousin's uncle.

Whilst stress in certain instances can be useful, too much can leave us feeling exhausted and low. It can act as a stimulant and encourage us to complete tasks on time or enable us to cope as if in 'auto-pilot' during difficult and/or dangerous situations. It is true that we need stress for these reasons, however unnecessary stress should be avoided and can also cause skin conditions, obesity and sleep problems. 

Most of us suffer from stress at some point in our lives. Women are especially prone to stress related conditions, however that isn't to say that men aren't affected too. 

Prescription drugs aren't always the answer, many people try branded calming tablets and spays before they visit the Doctors. I, personally, take a concoction of medication; two types of anti-psychotics and also an anti depressant. I have also recently been taking Diazepam to help me manage to step outside of the house. When I was sent a Les Fleurs de Bach Organic Anti Stress Treating Fragrance,  I was definitely keen to try it out.
'This soothing wonder mist will bring a feeling of calm and serenity to a stressed mind and body, with its addictive blend of Sage, Lavender, Bergamot and Eucalyptus essential oils associated with Bach flower essences...'
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It is suggested that you spray the fragrance over your head, three times, before sleep. I did use it for this purpose, however I also sprayed a little on the collar of my coat before I went out to aid against panic attacks. I must say it worked very well and the smell is very relaxing. I now carry a bottle in my bag, just in case. The bottle retails at £19.50 but it lasts an age, so it is definitely worth the purchase. Great for those that want to be calm without taking prescription drugs. 

Also available are night creams, face masks, body lotions and scrubs, various treatments and exfoliators.

If you're looking for other ways to beat the Christmas stress try a few of these tips:

  1. Make a list and a budget early in the year and stick to it. Don't get drawn in my new, exciting objects and remember that your child will be happy on Christmas day with whatever they have. Overspending is often due to the parents feeling the need to make Christmas a big ordeal and not actually a reflection of the child's wants or needs. 
  2. Relax and enjoy Christmas. Be around people you love, with a warm glass of mulled wine and just soak it all in. Don't try and live up to the media's expectations. Do what you can within your means. 
  3. Get the family involved! Don't let them expect you to do it all yourself. If you're wrapping the presents dish out the card writing to your other half. Perhaps even give them a present list to go shopping with either in town or online.
  4. Don't leave it to late. Order your gifts as early as possible from online stores. Christmas post is a nightmare and can cause so much stress as you countdown the days to Christmas and your presents still haven't arrived. 
  5. A dicky bird told me that sex was good for stress. It's actually a fact. But, you know, it's cold - keep your long johns on and try this tip when it's not -10. I'm currently sleeping in flannel PJs, underwear, a fluffy robe, a duvet and a throw. No one's getting near me!
  6. Give your house a good clear out before the big day so that you have plenty of space for new toys and games. Make these spaces easily accessible whilst the new toys are still novel; it'll save your legs and your sanity.
  7. Don't leave everything until the last minute. You should have sent out your Christmas cards way before now (says she) and don't leave your wrapping until Christmas Eve. Make it enjoyable, stick some cheesy crimbo tunes on and rock out with Sir. Sellotape. 
  8. In the chaos of it all, don't forget about you. Don't wrap into the early hours of the morning, instead delegate child-minding duties to either set of Grandparents and wrap during these hours. Slogging it from dusk until dawn will only make you tired and add to your stress levels.
  9. Make the most of that new Wii Fit you got the kids for Christmas and exercise yourself stress free for the new year. Many other consoles now offer a movement add on. Check them out and give them a go. Exercise is great for reducing stress.
  10. Don't forget to try out the Le Fleurs de Bach range. Well worth the pennies.
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