Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday we went to the shops to try and finish off our Christmas shopping. I've found it quite hard this year. Firstly, I have no idea what to get everyone. I'd love to be able to walk into a shop and see something and think, that would be perfect for so and so. Usually I end up asking everyone what they'd like and get it for them. Secondly, Wee Z is so much more aware of what is going on now that I can't just go into a shop, pile the trolley with toys and gifts with him sitting in the trolley playing with a receipt or my car keys. I thought about doing the shopping online but I like to see in person what I'm buying. 

On Saturday, we managed to go to Toys R Us with Miss C whilst Wee Z stayed with his Papa. It was nice to have sometime alone with Miss C and we had great fun looking at all the toys. Usually we've been pretty disappointed when we've been to Toys R Us in the past, mainly because we found there weren't any good toys for Wee Z at the age of 1 or 2. This time we found plenty of things he would enjoy. It was a bit easier for Miss C as they have loads of dolls and prams which she can play with. We picked out a few things but it did feel like I was buying for the sake of buying. The kids have so many toys and half of them don't get played with. At the same time though, I want them to be excited on Christmas morning and I feel the only way we can do this is by having loads of presents to open. That's what I used to look forward to the most on Christmas morning. 

So after a half successful shopping trip on Saturday, yesterday we went to the shops after lunch to pick up another few bits and bobs. We had both kids with us and Daddy kept them entertained whilst I ran around Early Learning Centre, again throwing things in the pram (no trolleys!) and paying as quickly as possible without Wee Z seeing. Miss C was playing with the dinosaurs and Wee Z was playing with the kitchen as usual. Daddy found a scooter for Wee Z, reduced, so we got that for him as his main present. He has been asking for a scooter for ages! At one point he wanted 10 scooters, one for everyday of the week and extra for the weekend so his friends could play too. 

We took a walk up to another shop to try and find Miss C a Jessie and Bullseye toy from Toy Story 3 as she loves Wee Z's Woody doll and carries him everywhere so I thought it would nice (and to save the arguments too!) if she could have her own one to play with. They are sold out everywhere I've been too.

I've still got another few things to get for family and friends but Wee Z is pretty much done. I've a few more things to get Miss C as I'd like them to have the same number of presents to open. Then Husband can get them wrapped up and sent off to Santa. How much Christmas shopping has everyone else done? Do you start early or leave it until the last minute? Do you buy online or do you like going to the shops?

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