Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bringing the past back to life

The other day I went to visit my Great Uncle, my mums only surviving Uncle. I love my Great Uncle dearly, not growing up with my mum's dad, as he died when I was 11 months old I have always viewed him as a Granddad rather than an Uncle.
He is my Nan's older brother, and has outlived the rest of his siblings. But for a 90-year-old isn't doing too bad he still lives on his own, and is completely independent. He has a tortoise for company and his son lives up the road. So you can't complain.
He has lived a fruitful life, joining the navy when he was old enough and fighting in World War 2. He has some fantastic tales, and you could listen to his stories for hours and hours. He has pictures taken in World War 2 that have been taken all over the world, and are off some truly remarkable places.

This was the first time that I really took notice of these stories and pictures, and tried to make mental notes of everything that he was telling me. He is an old-fashioned story-teller the ones where you imagine that you are five again and curled up on his knee. If you imagine a grey haired man in a rocking chair with a child telling stories that is my Uncle. The reason why I took so much notice this time, was because of my little boy, he is only two yet he loves boats, and the sea and I would love my Uncle to tell him these stories. But I am realistic I would love for him to be around but he is 90 my little man is 2 there are a few more years before he will understand these tales. So how would I tell him the same stories that Uncle tells, and try to get across what kind of man his Great Great Uncle was?
I can use the photos he has and can create a scrapbook of them all, but I really want to get his story in there as well. I want to make it a special scrapbook, not just an ordinary one. This is a man in our family, who fought and got medals in World War 2 he has lots to tell and I really feel that it should be passed down to the next and the next generation. I want my little boy to be proud of his Great Great Uncle.

I have found this fantastic course to do called Yesterday And Today it is everything that I want to do with my Uncles photos. The class is looking at the way you tell stories it is using old photos, although not necessary and looking into the why the how and the what if's of stories. Just what I need!
It is being run by the wonderful Ali Edwards, please do check her out if you have not seen her website and blog and incorporates the digital scrapbooker, and the traditional scrapbooker that I am. And the best bit is there is still time to register if you are interested registration does not finish till the January 5th. So please head on over and get signed up if you have some interesting stories from your past, stories comparing the past and now, or stories from your life right now, and it doesn't just have to be about you, it can also be about someone else as well.

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