Sunday, 19 December 2010

And It Begins

For the last two years we have had quite a settled life really. We have had our ups and downs, but still settled. 
Our little man has been growing through all the stages that a baby does and has been growing so fast. Before you knew it he was rolling, crawling, walking and talking. Everything happened so fast.
One minute we were joining swimming classes, and going for our jabs the next it was his first birthday and then suddenly it was his second. We blinked and we missed it.

Our baby was no longer a baby but a little toddler in the making, dragging the dog round by his collar telling him to 'come on' and directing us all around the house. Our little man suddenly needed more than just Mummy and Daddy he needed to be playing with other children and learning new things so a pre-school was arranged and the week after his second his birthday he went off the pre-school for the first time.
He loved it from the first moment he set foot in there, he has become more confident, boisterous, and vocal. He know tries to say numbers, looks at things and notices different things around him.
Our life is no longer playing at home living in the little bubble of a handful of friends that he has had since birth. It is now about parents evenings, pre-school quizzes, plays, learning songs, dances, pre-school events. The school time has started.

I don't regret sending him, he loves it, and we are getting to meet lots of new parents and new children. But there is a small part of me that wonders whether we did it too early, he now has 14 years of this. Have we started him too soon? He is only in for a morning but that morning can take a lot of time, once you have included the play, open morning, evening, fairs etc! Is it all too much for a 2-year-old? Or is it all too much for his Mummy, this is now my life for the next fourteen plus years and it is only going to get worse. There will be football practice, and then the match, this class for this and that! It begins now, but when will it ever end? 

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