Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Alert! Alert! Quick, quick, chop, chop!

It is officially Christmas in four (yes, four) days time. I don't know about you but men sure are hard to please around my neck of the woods. They're fine picking out £200 Kindles, £500 watches or £150 cookbooks but when it comes to stocking fillers and little treats I might as well ask a dodo for suggestions.

We've all (when I say 'all', I mean I have and therefore you should have too) seen the new Lynx adverts for men? They've recently swapped from the scrummy chocolate one to the 'we-decided-to-have-sex-when-we-met-in-the-milk-aisle' advert. Truly and utterly ridiculous of course, although men being men even my Dad joked, 'Do you think that would work for me?'. Take a peak:

Going off the smell of the Lynx Sensitive range we were supplied for review I'd say it might just do the trick. Obviously not with me and my Dad, that would be weird and quite frankly illegal, but it definitely smells pretty sweet. 

I would suggest Lynx as a first body spray for teenagers. It's fresh and young smelling, slightly immature for the older man, but Lynx have hit the nail on the head by marketing this product at teenagers. What's more, it's not too late to buy this as a little extra for Christmas. All Boots stores stock Lynx as a standard and gift sets can be picked up priced from around the £5 mark to no more than £12.50 for a set which includes a washbag too. Bargain. Grab it while it's hot. 

May I suggest (from reviewing) the Lynx Sensitive Anti-Perspirant and Hydrating Shower Balm set (£5.99) for older boys and the Lynx Dark Temptation Trio (£8.50) for younger boys.

Mums, buy it for your sons. Lets just hope our fifteen year olds aren't bringing home girls just yet (*crosses fingers*) but after all, that's the Lynx effect.

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