Monday, 29 November 2010

We Got Crafty! ELC Competition

Mummy's Little Monkey asked us to get crafty and, of course, we did. Mummy's Little Monkey wants, Mummy's Little Monkey gets!

On Saturday Graceickles (the sister of Beckickles) sat down at a big plastic-sheet-covered-table to help Kidder make some Christmas cards. You know the kind, the ones that make older relatives go all soppy and puts you (the parents) in the good books for at least a month or two.

So we got out the paints and went for it.

Kidder preps the stamps...

And gets stuck in

I'd say we were at it a good hour or two and we made ten cards, a real success. It didn't cost too much either, I just bought a pack of plain cards, a few foam stamps, some paints and some sticky-back glittery stars. The best thing about helping a toddler make cards is that they can look a bit odd and it just adds to the charm. Fancy taking a peak at some of our creations?

It might be too close to Christmas for you all to start making Christmas delights now, but there's nothing better than a belated Christmas gift in January, especially if it's a good one! Let me tell you, this one is GOOD!

I'm giving one lucky winner a chance to win a huge Early Learning Centre craft hamper and two more lucky winners a smaller bundle. Perfect for children of all ages, these kits will contain all time crafty favourites; glues, stickers, paper, paint, stamps... you name it, it's in there.

PLUS - The more people enter, the more prizes go into the hamper, so get your blogging buddies to join in too!

Amount for these prizes come to mega bucks, so we wanna see some effort here! Who DESERVES to win a crafty hamper?

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning the mega hamper or one of the two smaller treats then please add your crafty blog post to the linky below. It can be a photograph of a creation, a blog post, whatever you like - just tell me what you love to create. Make sure you put the following badge in your post:

The good news? If you all think this is fab and you're keen to win, we can make this a 12 weekly comp! Show us what you're made of guys!

Good luck everyone - this one closes on 31st December 2010 at 23:59hrs and winners will be announced just after the New Year.

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